Find your purpose, find your customer

Every entrepreneur looks to break into their chosen market and create brands and products that resonate with customers and ultimately result in sales. But these days, customers are demanding more than just a great product and value for money, they are looking for a much bigger feel-good factor - and that’s fulfillment. They are looking to feel good about their purchasing decision, to know they are improving and adding value to their own lives and to others. As a result, these customers are looking for brands that demonstrate their higher purpose. Brands that promise to go beyond simply the functional benefits or service offered and instead genuinely add value to the lives of the customers they aim to reach. Brands that can demonstrate a higher purpose don’t simply talk about the quality of their goods or services, but rather they focus on their integrity and their desire to make the world a better place. They reach out to customers by telling a story that is emotive and connects on a bigger human level. Brands that reach out to customers by communicating their higher purpose through the power of storytelling are seen as more authentic, more human, more real. So, if you want to find your customers, and importantly want them to choose you and your brand, then find your brand purpose and start telling your own story.