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We believe in the power of Africa's women entrepreneurs to create economic value and help tackle Africa's challenges. 

We believe in the proven capacity of Africa's women entrepreneurs to equitably distribute economic gains, and in their ability to uplift their communities, create jobs, spur economic growth and close the gender opportunity gap.

We believe in the power of community working together to drive change for the common good.

We believe we are stronger together and have the potential to catalyze a movement that can lead to transformative change for Africa's women entrepreneurs.



We are committed to dramatically changing the status quo for Africa’s women entrepreneurs who are the most underserved on the planet.

We are committed to empowering women and believe lasting and sustainable solutions will come from women leading the change.

We are committed to providing practical education, resources, and business tools to support Africa's women entrepreneurs to realize their business dreams.

We are committed to inclusivity by providing access to all our programs, resources and business tools free-of-charge.

We are committed to learning from and being informed by women entrepreneurs in their communities. We believe Africa's women entrepreneurs know best what support and solutions they need and we develop all our programmes informed by our interaction with hundreds of thousands of women across the continent.

We are committed to making a measurable impact and we measure everything we do to ensure we are delivering on our mission and that of our partners.

We are committed to being disruptive and entrepreneurial in our approach to developing new solutions, moving beyond the prevailing one size fits all, narrow mindset to entrepreneur development.

We are committed to hard work, being lean, agile, and inventive - making sure we deliver maximum benefit to women entrepreneurs from the funds we receive.



Creating an enabling environment for Africa's women entrepreneurs will not come to life on its own. It will take the support of individuals and organizations around the world who share our belief that Africa needs more successful women entrepreneurs, and that Africa's women entrepreneurs need all of us. We partner and work with people and organizations everywhere who share our goals to provide the support, tools, and inspiration required to ensure that all women-led startups across Africa have the chance to flourish.

Join our mission and help make an impact!

If you would like to discuss becoming part of our Impact Partner network, please contact Melanie Hawken