Make time to build your own brand in your working week

We all know the story of the plumber with the leaky tap - spending hours each day fixing everyone else’s problems and then never finding the time to fix their own. As entrepreneurs it’s the same challenge when it comes to finding precious time in our working days to allocate to important tasks that will help to build our own businesses, such as working on our corporate and personal brands. Let’s face it, if we were our own client we would be allocated a set number of hours in the business each week to service the account, and the work would be delivered on time. So why do we not take our own brand building seriously enough to allocate the same precious time in our working schedules? We need to remind ourselves that our brands and what they stand for are what connect us to our customers - they are important and need to be given time to be continually developed. So the trick is to recognise this fact and block out specific time in the calendar each week to devote to those activities that help to build that brand connection, such as new product development, blog writing, product photography and social media posting, etc. Become your own client and block out the time you need to service your own brand the way it deserves.