Disruptive entrepreneurs are changing the world as ‘outsiders’

Have you noticed how quickly an innovative idea can become a global game-changer and, as a result, change the way people live and interact? Just look at Uber, a disruptive idea that has revolutionised the way people get around urban environments, particularly millennials, becoming a colloquial ‘verb’ in the process - to Uber. And, who is behind these disruptive ideas? - ‘out of the box thinking’ entrepreneurs such as the founder of Uber, Travis Kalanick. What is fascinating is that these game-changers are often sitting on the outside of the business sectors and industries they are looking to revolutionise. Travis Kalanick was not a taxi driver or a transportation company owner - he was simply a customer, needing a ride and frustrated at not being able to conveniently take control of a reliable and safe transport sourcing and booking process using a smartphone. One individual, one idea, one disruptor = change-maker and market game-changer. You have to love them!