Why being the face of the business as a founder is so important

How many times do you hear women entrepreneurs talk about building their businesses from behind the scenes, not wanting to be in the limelight and preferring to focus on the business mechanics instead? But the reality is that the founders of any startup businessare the startup, and as such, it’s vital to be seen and heard. In the early days, when you are just launching your business, products and services, and particularly when resources are stretched, it’s critical to invest as much time as possible connecting your personal brand with your company’s brand - they are intrinsically linked. Remember that people do business with people, and you need to put a face to your company and its work. Customers, investors and partners all need to know the people who make up the startup team behind the business, so proactively get out there and introduce yourself to the world as a creator, an innovator, an entrepreneur with a vision. Putting a face to the business is particularly key for early adopters who tend to make buying decisions from startups based on the story and personality behind the brand.