The art of mind dumping for a great night’s sleep

If like me you have trouble sleeping because there is just so much going on in your mind to let you switch off at night - action lists, deadlines, meeting planning, speech writing - the list is endless. I was comparing notes on this subject recently with some fellow women entrepreneurs, and it appears I’m certainly not alone on this issue. Let’s face it, as entrepreneurs there’s so much constantly going on, requiring us to multitask in an effort to get a million different things done in a minimal amount of time. It’s not surprising that so many entrepreneurs have trouble sleeping - and less sleep means less productivity the next day and possible exhaustion eventually. So, the consensus of opinion following our discussion was that it is essential to mind dump before going to sleep at night. Try making quick notes on everything that is going on in your brain, from business concerns to those never ending ‘to do’ lists, get it out of your head and onto a notepad or your laptop or cellphone, and then put them away and relax - hopefully a good night’s sleep follows.