The power of soft-launching your startup business on social media

It can be pretty daunting starting a new business - you do all the research, all the hard work getting your product, services and brand ready for market, and then you have to get it out there in the public domain and actually launch. Yet, learning from so many of the startups that go on to becoming successful businesses, the trick is to soft-launch in the first few days and weeks, using social media as a great way of testing the water and the market reaction to your new business. By harnessing the power of personal social networks to announce a new business, it means you can see your first ‘friendly’ users signing up or reacting to what you are launching from day one, getting a feel for what the greater reaction would be to a full-scale market launch. If a few things don’t work exactly as planned, it allows you to fine tune and tweak as you go, or fix minor problems that inevitably emerge. By not going ‘big’ on your launch from day one, you can make mistakes and learn from them without much downside. The lesson to be learned? Sometimes it really is good to start small and take baby steps in the initial launch phase, growing as you go.