Social investing in women entrepreneurs is making a real impact in Africa’s communities

Today, social entrepreneurs in Africa are looking to make an impact in their communities as a result of their own business efforts. Globally, social lenders are also beginning to change their long-entrenched views as they realize that focusing initiatives like microfinance lending on women entrepreneurs turns out to be the most effective way to make whole communities more prosperous - unlike their male counterparts, these women entrepreneurs believe in giving back and uplifting their communities as an integral part of their business models. This early insight has quickly led to further programs specifically targetting women, including special business programmes, competitions, and support networks for female entrepreneurs across the continent. The advent and growth of gender lens investing in women-owned businesses, has created female-centred portfolios that put much-needed capital behind women in a more systematic and high impact way. As a result, things have moved on significantly in the world of social investing. No longer only the beneficiaries of social finance, today women are building a complete ecosystem of social investing that has female financial power at its heart.