Women entrepreneurs taking African Luxury to the world

There’s a new generation of creative women entrepreneurs taking African Luxury to the world, and it reflects the world’s current love affair with all things African, which is definitely growing. Also growing is the number of women Afro-Luxe brand builders who are establishing global names for themselves and their businesses, and growing loyal customer networks at the same time. AfroLuxe is the intersection of an appreciation of African design, respect for provenance, fascination with ancient culture, and the genuine value association of artisan skills and ethical and sustainable production. Roll all of those things into a luxury brand and product, and you have a winning combination. Whether it is a luxury fashion item, or a piece of haute couture design, a bespoke perfume, or an exquisitely handcrafted item of jewellery, these Afro-Luxe brand builders are taking the world by storm and putting Africa firmly on the global luxury map.