Africa’s women techpreneurs are driving a new approach to social change

There is an exciting new wave of African women in tech that are developing innovative and powerful solutions for social change on the continent. More and more game-changing women techpreneurs in Africa are integrating technology into the work of social change - and, that’s what makes this trend unique. It is not simply about creating the next African Silicon Valley - this is not the ONLY answer; or the only way. There’s a new wave of women techpreneurs on the continent moving beyond technological utopianism, in search of the perfectly scalable silver bullet tech product or solution. There are lots of philanthropists, policymakers, and financiers who are searching for the one intervention or model that would solve this or that big social problem. Digital tools are a necessary, but not sufficient component, of any long-term social change effort. What will be interesting to see is Africa’s ability to replicate its success and global leadership in mobile money technology, in areas like agriculture, health, education, culture, environmental management, financial and economic empowerment. Mobile technology is clearly a way forward for marrying Africa’s tech and social solutions. We predict that smart money and ‘caring’ money will increasingly start to follow these innovations on the continent over the next decade, and women techpreneurs will be leading this charge.