Today social investing with female financial power at its heart is a winner

What is exciting right now is that a complete ecosystem of social investing that has female financial power at its heart is making an impact. At the same time, female financial expertise is taking the helm in more direct ways through a growing number of women-run venture capital firms and all-female investor networks. Their presence in the start-up marketplace disproves the myth that women investors are risk averse. And, even when the firms don’t specifically target women-run businesses, they seem to be having a catalytic effect on female-founded companies. Women-run investment firms report receiving more pitches from female entrepreneurs because of their networks. As a consequence, a greater percentage of their investments, up to 40% in some cases, have been in companies started by women. Elsewhere, women are establishing venture funds specifically targeting female entrepreneurs and focusing on female markets - they are seeking to invest in companies that are run by women, and which have solutions to address those problems being experienced by women. It’s all good news for women entrepreneurs who are looking to build and grow their companies, and find the funding support to do it.