Why role models are important in the world of women entrepreneurs

There’s a new and exciting generation of millennial women entrepreneurs here in Africa who are rewriting the rule book when it comes to starting businesses. These young women are ambitious, fearless, tech savvy, and they come out of the starting blocks thinking they can change the world - all of which is a good thing. However, these young women also need great role models to look up to, in fact we all do as women entrepreneurs. We need to see that other women have travelled the entrepreneurial journey before us; that other women have broken into tough industry sectors and made it big; that other women have become game-changers by innovating and creating new products or ways of doing things that are changing the way we live or the way business is done. We need more great women entrepreneurial role models in every country in Africa who can inspire us to go further, who can motivate us to change our countries and communities for the better, and who can encourage us to keep going when the journey gets tough.