Creating the ‘feel good’ factor in our businesses

As customers ourselves, we all know that feeling when we visit a favourite shop, restaurant or hotel and we are reminded about why we love it when we receive great service and attention. By the same token, we are all able to recall those moments when we go to a shop or restaurant and the cashier was surly or the waitress rude or indifferent. Each of these interactions, good or bad, is etched in our brains, reminding us how we felt at the time receiving such service. As entrepreneurs, we need to ensure that we are building businesses, brands, and customer experiences that make them feel special, appreciated, and valued. It takes a very long time to build up a great relationship with a customer, but it can take only one bad service experience to break it. Creating the ‘feel good’ factor in our businesses is key and we need to ensure that it’s an ethos that is believed in and practiced by every member of staff, if it’s to be a cornerstone of our brand promise to our customers.