Women entrepreneurs make a bigger societal impact than their male counterparts

The 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report, based on one of the largest international surveys ever carried out, polling almost 2,600 multimillionaire entrepreneurs in 18 countries, reveals some really interesting insights. Not only have women entrepreneurs been more successful than their male counterparts over the past year, but they are expected to grow or achieve stable profits within the next 12 months. What is fascinating are some of the predictions for the year ahead in terms of the top industry sectors where these women entrepreneurs globally are set to shine. The top 3 wealth creation sectors identified are retail (16.5%), professional services (11.2%), and fashion (6.0%). The top 3 sectors if they were to switch businesses include E-Commerce (9.3%), Travel, Hospitality and Leisure (8.6%), and Social Media (6.3%). What is really interesting is that these women entrepreneurs surveyed suggest that the top 3 criteria for success are making a profit on their initial investment (35.2%), passing the business on to the next generation (12.3%), and making a social impact (11.2%). So there you have it, women entrepreneurs make a bigger impact at a societal level and perhaps there is a direct correlation with their success at the end of the day.