How to get the most out of your networking opportunities

Networking events for women entrepreneurs are important as they can open up opportunities for collaboration, information and experience sharing, and of course doing business. Yet, managing and cultivating impactful business networking relationships can be challenging for many. Kathey Porter, the co-author of a great book that is well worth a read, “50 Billion Dollar Boss: African American Women Sharing Stories of Success in Entrepreneurship and Leadership.” has some great insights on this subject. She believes that to create a network that will help grow your net worth, you should follow these 6 key steps: Strive to build relationships that are more than just transactional; Stay engaged and in touch with your network; Understand that every kick can be a boost; Be consistent and deliberate when using social media; Be more interested than interesting; Pay attention to industry trends, and know what is now but focus on what is next. These all make common sense, but when used as a checklist for getting the most out of your valuable networking activities, they can help you to achieve the impact you are looking for.