Baby Boomers starting up like never before

There’s lots of talk right now about Millennials surpassing previous generations in terms of their entrepreneurial attitudes, but the fact is that the full force of this generation’s entrepreneurial impact will only really be felt in a few years’ time. So in the meantime, where are the other new entrepreneurs going to come from? Well, look no further than the baby boomers. A new Gallup Survey suggests that baby boomers (those aged between 55 and 64) are twice as likely to be planning to start a business within a year than Millennials. In fact, the percentage of entrepreneurs as a whole in this age bracket has risen steadily over the past 15 years. The reason for this rise? Well it could be that access to capital might be less of a hurdle for a greater number of entrepreneurial baby boomers than for their Millennial counterparts. Interesting!