How to create a fundable business startup

Many business startups know that at some point they may have to look for external funding if they want to grow. That means having a fundable business strategy that will give potential investors the information they need to make a positive funding decision. A good business strategy has a number of key components that investors will look for, including information on how the business will make money, estimated gross margins, customer acquisition programmes and associated costs, operating expenses, etc. Without this basic information, entrepreneurs will find it really hard to get angel investors or venture capitalists to take them seriously. So, if your business strategy is not in great shape, then here is a checklist of the key components it needs to make an impact:
    •    target market
    •    market size and growth
    •    your unique value proposition
    •    customer profile
    •    competitive landscape
    •    your product roadmap
    •    your plan over the 12, 24 and 36 months
    •    your key milestones, especially over the next 18 months