Do you have your elevator pitch ready to go?

If an important potential investor or customer that you have been trying to get on board for your business suddenly stands next to you and you have 30 seconds to sell your idea or business to them, would you be ready? What would you say? This is where the elevator pitch comes in. As an entrepreneur, you need to be ready at any time to get your business message and sales pitch across. Having a face-to-face opportunity is priceless and you need to be ready to capitalise on it. So here are a few tips to help you get you pitch perfect. 

  1. Create your value proposition - what problem or challenge are you trying to solve with your business and how is it going to help people in their day to day lives?
  2. Know your key differentiator - what makes your business, products and services different from your competitors?
  3. Stay on message - ensure that your pitch gets one key message across that will stick.
  4. Leave a lasting impression - have your business card, brochure, flyer or product sample ready to hand across as a lasting reminder of your pitch.
  5. Practice, practice, practice - you have to be pitch ready at any moment, so rehearse it regularly to make sure you own your pitch and that it’s compelling.

Remember, your next elevator pitch moment could lead to the next big step for your business, so be rehearsed, refreshed and ready to deliver that perfect pitch.