Crowdfunding removes barriers to entry for Africa’s women entrepreneurs

Did you know that crowdfunding in emerging economies raised an astonishing $430 million in 2015 and that one African country, Kenya, made the top 10 ranking country list for crowdfunding in emerging countries last year? The latest report by AlliedCrowds Developing World Crowdfunding: Prosperity through Crowdfunding demonstrates that the barriers to entrepreneurship are continuing to fall in Africa, opening up new opportunities, particularly for women, who traditionally have greater success in the crowdfunding space. However, other countries in Africa need to follow Kenya’s lead and start looking at the many emerging opportunities for creating new business with money raised from the crowd, otherwise they could get left behind. With an estimated $96 billion to be raised through crowdfunding in the developing world in the next ten years, crowdfunding could be a real game-changer for women entrepreneurs in Africa