You can’t survive on passion alone for your business - you need balance

Most women entrepreneurs create a business or a social enterprise because they want to have the freedom to pursue their dreams, build something meaningful, change the world for the better. It’s ironic, therefore, that many of these women end up losing that very freedom they seek because they pour everything they have into the business, working 80-hour weeks - no breaks, no rest, no "me" time, just work. And, even though they love the work and love the process of building a business, it’s not enough. It’s essential to get the balance right, otherwise the business will end up suffering, as well as personal health, relationships and wellbeing. So, make 2016 the year to reconnect with yourself, your family, your friends, and make time to the life-enhancing things that make you a happier, more centred person - your business will be the better for it.