Seeing the world through a more socially conscious lens

Millennials see the world differently, and through a more socially conscious lens, so as they begin to take over the work force and have more of a decision-making impact on the world, the nature of businesses will also change. Sarah Sladek’s book, 'Knowing Y: Engage the Next Generation Now' makes for some really interesting reading on this subject. In it, she says that 92 percent of millennials believe that businesses should be measured more by social impact than by profit, and 61 percent feel personally responsible to make a positive difference in the world. This approach to life and business is now being seen in a new type of startup emerging around the world and on the African continent, created by millennials and looking to make a difference in the world. These startups are also attracting interest from investors as they look for companies that create both monetary and social sustainability and growth. 2016 will see an increasing trend of new and dynamic young businesses being created by millennials in Africa for a market that responds to new and existing social challenges.