The key to finding that elusive work life balance for startups

Yesterday morning, I was having coffee at a new local coffee shop which has just opened in my neighbourhood, and which is a real startup venture - just five weeks old. The founder joined me for a chat and an espresso and asked for advice on how other new entrepreneurs manage to find the balance between work and home life in the early days of getting a business up and running. I had to share that for many entrepreneurs, trying to achieve that work/life balance is a continual challenge and one that is spoken about by almost all the women entrepreneurs we meet every day at Lionesses of Africa. At the end of the day, supporting all aspects of a business and being truly present with those who support you outside work isn’t easy, but there are ways of trying to better balance the competing demands of family and business. There is a great book by author Meg Cadoux Hirshberg For better or for work: A survival guide for entrepreneurs and their families which is well worth a read for all those women entrepreneurs who are currently juggling complicated lives.