A new era of E-Commerce for Africa

Africa is catching on fast to the e-commerce revolution that has transformed economies in other parts of the world, and women entrepreneurs are beginning to take advantage of this new trend. According to a recent Ipsos study, cross border shopping in Africa is on the increase, with around 80% of the continent’s online shoppers looking to buy internationally. Two countries in particular are leading this new trend - Nigeria and South Africa - with both playing a big role in boosting e-commerce as a whole on the African continent. Here’s the interesting factor, 90% of online shoppers in Africa own a smartphone or feature phone and use them to complete their online purchases. With Nigeria’s mobile penetration rates averaging 59%, along with 93 million mobile users in the country, and South Africa’s mobile penetration rates standing at 50%, this represents huge market potential for Africa’s women entrepreneurs who are e-commerce retailers. This is the era of e-commerce in Africa, and women entrepreneurs can look to take advantage of a whole new generation of consumers who want to shop online.