Trust your intuition

As entrepreneurs with busy lives in a connected world that seems to be switched on 24/7, we are bombarded by information each day - and undoubtedly a lot of this information can be useful and harnessed to make our businesses and our lives better and more efficient. But we mustn’t forget that the very part of our DNA that makes us entrepreneurs is our intuition. We don’t always need external resources, tips and advice to tell us what we intuitively know is a good idea, or a great way of doing things. As creative and innovative entrepreneurs, we should trust in our own intuition to know when something just feels right - after all, that intuition is probably what leads most of us to take the plunge and start up our own businesses in the first place. So, trust your intuition and base your decisions on what feels right to you, and then support that intuitive decision by using the information flow around you to back it up.