Don’t let criticism get you down

In the world of entrepreneurship, being an innovator, a maverick, and a change-maker is part of the journey and, for the most part, actively encouraged by a world that needs such people to make a difference, to find the solutions, to make the next big development happen. Yet, on the flip-side, if you are creating something bold, different, important or thought-provoking you are going to attract some critics - it’s just human nature. But we all know that sometimes, when we are so driven and passionate about what we are doing or creating on our entrepreneurial journey, it's hard to take criticism and it can be painful. So here's a piece of advice that I read recently, and which makes complete sense, not to mention putting a smile on the face when needed. “Learn to deal with criticism like a pot of pasta you are draining for dinner. Release the water and keep the good stuff! Great advice.