Maintain Your Productive Edge

We all know that being entrepreneur requires the skills of a juggler most days, trying to keep all the balls in the air at the same time as managing to work and play to full capacity. Here are some tricks to staying uber productive. Firstly, remove any distractions from your working environment and your mind during the day, and set aside time to manage non-business related things later. Secondly, start each day with a detailed plan of what you will be focusing on. The best way of doing this is to make your plan the evening before, so that as soon as you hit your desk or laptop, you are focused and good to go. Thirdly, use all the great project and time management tools at your disposal - there are lots of them available online, many of them free. They will help with ensuring you are productive on all those tasks that really matter for maximum return on investment. Finally, and critical to maintaining focus, allocate a specific task theme to each day, as this will prevent you from jumping from non-related tasks throughout the day, resulting in precious wasted time. This four point plan will help you to maintain your productive edge.