Passion is a key ingredient

We all need a little continuous inspiration in our lives and great role models to show us what can be achieved, particularly in business. I have a number of women entrepreneurs whose stories I continually revisit on my own entrepreneurial journey. One of those is Anita Roddick whose personal passion led her to create and build what is today a global success story, the Body Shop. She was passionate about not testing cosmetics on animals and had a firm belief in natural organic products with recyclable packaging to reduce the impact on the environment. At the time, there was nothing else in the marketplace that looked like her brand, or that was driven by such a strong ethical, passion driven story that customers could identify with and buy into. Successful women entrepreneurs build a business around what they really love to do best, or what they passionately believe in. There is a great quote from one of our Lionesses of Africa community members, Narcissi Madishi, founder of children’s clothing brand, Kameo Kids in South Africa. She says, “Passion will carry you through....If you plan to go into business, choose something that you are absolutely passionate about. The passion will carry you through when the going gets tough.”

Have yourself an inspired entrepreneurial day! - Melanie