Expect the unexpected

The other day I was thinking about when I first learned to drive as a teenager, spending all those hours practicing and focusing so hard on trying to avoid the inevitable bumps in the road that had the potential to steer me and my car off course? And it got me thinking about how similar that experience was to starting up in business. You get excited at the launch phase, you make it through the first year, and then around the time between two and three years, those bumps in the road appear again - they could be in the form of a need for an injection of funding; or an expansion of capacity; or the need for a pivot to react to new market conditions. And it can be tough to navigate at the time. So that’s why it makes sense to expect the unexpected, and prepare and plan ways in advance of getting over the inevitable bumps in your entrepreneurial road when they appear.

Have yourself an inspired entrepreneurial day! - Melanie