The advantage of being a startup

If you have ever wondered what advantage startups have over big business, its speed and innovation. Think about it, a startup has nothing to lose when creating a new product or service, which means they are faster to market and can afford to fail. Big business does not have that luxury, they are constantly worried about their brand reputation and therefore they are never quick to market with new ideas. Just look at how startups have changed the world as we know it today with their disruptive approach. For Twitter to reach 50 million users took just two years. The Angry Birds app took a mere 35 days to reach 50 million users.  Look back in history and things were very different. It took 75 years for the telephone to hit 50 million users and television, 22 years. So, disruption is the new normal today and it’s being driven by innovative startups moving at speed who are not afraid to fail and to constantly try new things.