Your team is your strongest asset

A great team is often regarded as one of the main assets of any successful startup business. So why is it that so many entrepreneurs don’t invest as much time, energy and money on building a great team as they do on building their products and service offerings? The renowned William A. Sahlman, Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School and a successful entrepreneur, is a specialist on this subject and has written about it extensively. He says, “When I receive a business plan, I always read the resumé section first. Not because the people part of the new venture is the most important, but because without the right team, none of the other parts really matter.” Building a solid business foundation starts with people as the essential building blocks. When you bring skilled, experienced, energetic people into your business, each one contributing something unique, then you can bring life to your vision. Your team really is your strongest asset, so take it seriously and invest in it.