Take a step by step approach to growing your business

So you want to grow your business - don’t we all? The question is how to do that in a sustainable way? Growth isn't just about increasing our customer numbers - meaningful growth comes from getting those customers to join you on your business and brand building journey. It’s worth remembering these four key steps to creating growth that can be sustained. Firstly, the trick is to get those new customers through the door, which means you need to develop an effective user acquisition strategy - it could be a combination of direct sales and marketing, event activation, social media campaigns, etc. Secondly, once you have those customers hooked, how do you get them to start using your products and services on a regular basis? That’s where your activation strategy comes in. Consider demo events, try before you buy incentives, promotional campaigns. Thirdly, you need to create an effective plan to get those customers to try your products, use them happily, and fall in love with your brand, that’s where your engagement strategy is key. You need to develop regular ways of connecting with your customers to keep them interested. It could be regular newsletters, invites to customer events, loyalty campaigns and incentives, etc. Finally, you need to make your existing customers your brand ambassadors, getting them and their networks talking positively about your products and services. This step by step approach to growing your business is more sustainable in the long run.