Success starts with you

Flicking through a copy of the book, The Art of Work by author Jeff Goins, the premise of which is that we have to take ownership of our own success, I was struck by the thought that for many entrepreneurs, this remains a challenge. Often it seems like other people just seem to get lucky in business and in life, often with far less innovative ideas or product/service offerings. But as he argues, we have more control over our success than we think, and the people who succeed — in life and business — are those who understand how the system works, what the hidden rules are, and how to win. Research suggests there are some predictable patterns to how individuals go to the next level and it starts with something simple - taking ourselves really seriously so that others will. If we want to achieve success we have to boost our self confidence, believe in ourselves, believe in the businesses we are building and the products and services we are creating. We have to recognize that we can’t wait for the perfect opportunity to come along, we have to make it happen ourselves and take action. As Jeff Goins says in his book: “It’s not the smartest people who necessarily succeed. It’s the people who use what they have — how much or little — to create the biggest impact.”