How to navigate your way as a solopreneur

Anyone who has started a business as a solopreneur will be able to tell you that it can be a pretty lonely journey at times. When times are tough, there is just you to work things out, to find the solutions; and when times are good, who do you share your victories large and small with? Being a solopreneur does have its challenges, but there are a few ways you can build your support systems and better enjoy the journey. Firstly, join other groups of entrepreneurs who meet regularly to share experiences, information and networks. Secondly, perhaps look at a co-working space for your business, somewhere that has a great location and that works for you, but importantly brings other entrepreneurs into your day-to-day working life. Thirdly, get a mentor, someone who has the depth of business building or specialist experience that you lack and who can be your go-to person for advice, support and encouragement. Fourthly, create a support team of employees or service providers who can help you to develop your product or service offerings, and who become your back up system on a daily basis. Finally, remember that friends and family are there for you - they may not understand the intricacies of your business, but they are there for emotional support when you need it. Above all, remember to enjoy the special journey you are on as a solopreneur.