Learning the art of influencing consumer purchasing decisions subconsciously

Did you know that it’s estimated 90% of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously? It appears that our brains are on autopilot most of the time. If you have ever caught yourself dashing through a grocery store and looking into your shopping basket only to find that it’s filled with the same brand groceries time after time, you will understand this phenomenon. It’s not only habit that influences our buying decisions - it’s sounds, smells, and colours - all stimulating our senses and tapping into our subconscious. For example, how often do you walk into a store where the smell of fresh bread hits you immediately from the bakery counter and you find yourself buying bread and confectionary that you didn’t plan to buy, but it’s too irresistible not to?    It’s the same with sound - did you know that wine stores sell more French champagne when they play classical music as opposed to any other type of music? When planning your own retail experiences and environments for your brand, it’s good to remember how much our senses dictate our subconscious purchasing decisions, and tap into those senses for maximum sales returns and brand connections.