Why self belief and perseverance can quieten the doubters

If you are a sports fan you may have been inspired this last weekend by the incredible display oftrue sportsmanship at the Canadian Open Tennis Tournament as two legends of the game (Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal) battled it out for the trophy. At the beginning of the tournament, no-one would have betted on either of these players being in the final, with talk of both being well past their prime having battled serious injuries and set backs in recent months and years.  Yet their own individual self belief, pure perseverance and quiet determination to just focus on one game at a time, one competitor at at time through the tournament programme, beating the biggest names in the game right now, got them both to the final - and what a final it was! Roger Federer, the older player of the two, came out tops on the day after one of the most brilliant displays of tennis and sportsmanship in the history of the game. What was perhaps most memorable about the whole occasion was the lesson given to all the doubters who had written off the chances of these two once titans of the game being able to compete at the highest level any more and win major tournaments. It proves that self belief and perseverance are everything, something as entrepreneurs we can all learn and take-away from this example.