Battling fear of the unknown and just launching

How many times when speaking to would-be entrepreneurs and innovators do you hear them talk about how they are not able to realise their business dreams because they are held back by fear of the unknown? Their path to success is blocked by nagging fears and doubts such as fear of failure; fear of the idea or invention not being perfect and therefore not ready to launch; fear of not having enough money to take the leap to being an entrepreneur; fear of not having enough time to make the entrepreneurial dream a reality; fear of ending up broke if the idea doesn’t work. But the fact is that every entrepreneurwho has ever developed a new business or invented a new product has faced the same questions and challenges, and there are always unknowns and potential roadblocks on the entrepreneurial journey. The trick is not to let the fear of the unknown paralyse you to the point where nothing gets done. You need to battle your fears, find solutions to each of the challenges that will inevitably confront you, and just launch - after all, what is the point of having a great idea or product concept if it is the world’s best kept secret?