It's okay not to know everything in business, ask for help when you need it.

I was catching up on some reading this weekend and a great entrepreneurial story in the US caught my eye. It was the story of Stanford-educated engineer Debbie Sterling who founded a unique toy company in 2012, GoldieBlox, with the aim of encouraging young girls to start tinkering with toys and building machines. Her narrative-driven construction toy sets she hopes will get young girls interested in the world of building, engineering and construction at an early age. Her goal is to raise the percentage of female engineers in the world, hopefully with these young girls growing up and forging careers in these male-dominated sectors in the future  (currently just 14% of engineers in the world are female). So far, Goldieblox has sold more than 1 million of these construction toy sets. Debbie Sterling has also created an award-winning mobile app, and her company has landed a coveted SuperBowl advertising slot worth US$4 million for free. But what I found really fascinating about the article was Debbie’s response when asked what she attributed her business success to - she said it was not being afraid to ask for help. She says: “I think the biggest mistake you can make as an entrepreneur is pretending that you know everything, or feeling you need to come across like you do. The key is admitting freely that I don’t know the answer to something or don’t know how to do something, so long as I seek somebody who does.” That’s great advice that we can all take as entrepreneurs!