The art of turning challenges into business opportunities

One of the key personal attributes of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to see business opportunities where others simply see challenges, and then to turn those opportunities into reality. I was reminded of this whilst scrolling through some past TED Talks online and I came across a talk that had been given by a truly inspirational Lioness of Africa, the award-winning Achenyo Idachaba, founder of Mitimeth in Nigeria. Her personal entrepreneurial ‘Eureka’ moment came when she saw the destruction being caused to the waterways of riverine communities in Lagos by an invasive aquatic weed, the Water Hyacinth. This beautiful yet deadly plant was literally choking the life out of the waterways which were the life-blood of these communities. So, Achenyo looked for a win-win solution whereby the environment would be taken care of by the weeds being cleared out of the waterways, and then this being turned into an economic benefit for the communities. Her idea was to use these weeds as the raw materials for weaving, creating beautiful handcrafted products and employment opportunities for the local community at the same time. An inspirational example of an entrepreneur seeing opportunity where others simply see challenge.