Making the move from freelancer to fully fledged entrepreneur

For many women entrepreneurs, the first step into the world of entrepreneurship comes in the form of freelancing. It’s quite often a practical means of putting a toe into the water and developing a viable future business proposition by utilising personal skills in a particular field. Yet, the challenge with being a freelancer is that often you are doing work behind the scenes for another company or brand, being invisible in your own space. Making the move from freelancer to fully fledged entrepreneur requires not only a well thought-out business plan and a practical means of harnessing all those great skills and experience, but also some personal and business brand-building. In order to stand out from the competition, developing a strong brand that conveys your unique skills set and market proposition is key. It’s important to remember that people do business with people, and therefore building an effective personal brand when making the move from freelancer, helps to connect and build relationships with potential clients out there that could use your services. Creating such a brand early on in your business journey can also make it easier to scale-up further down the line.