Lose the fear and just start that business

If there’s one thing we hear at Lionesses of Africa more than anything else as we meet aspirant women entrepreneurs across the continent, it’s that they have a fear of getting started in business. Let’s be honest, starting a new business does requires a leap of faith in the early days, but that’s part of the journey. Fear of the unexpected, fear of failure, fear of not being able to realise our ambitions for our businesses - these are all natural responses when embarking on an entrepreneurial journey. However, the key to getting started in business is not to let fear dictate your life or hinder you in realising your aspirations. If you understand the positive aspects of fear, how fears are learned, and how to deal with them constructively, you’ll better be able to prepare yourself to succeed when starting a new business. Ultimately, no-one knows what lies ahead, it takes courage to push ahead through the fear in the many situations where you don’t control the outcome. Remember that if you wait for the so called ‘perfect time’ to start a business, you might never do it.