Remember the reasons you became an entrepreneur

As entrepreneurs we know all too well what it feels like when times are tough, when things are not quite going according to our original plan, when the challenges and hurdles to be overcome in business just seem too great. At those times, and they inevitably arise on any entrepreneurial journey, when those around you are telling you to go back to the apparent security of the corporate world you left behind, remember the reasons you chose entrepreneurship in the first place. Remind yourself of the sense of freedom you experience when you are able to take a creative idea and turn it into a reality, making a difference as you go, instead of simply being a cog in a big corporate machine. If you need any further reminders as to why you became an entrepreneur, then visit your friends in their 9-to-5 offices so you can see for yourself just what it is that you’re apparently “missing.” That should give you the motivation to keep going through the tough times.