Building companies and brands that can be the change

With global consumers increasingly focusing their attention and spend on responsible and sustainablet brands and products, today’s companies that are looking to be tomorrow’s success stories must be the change in the marketplace. These companies will lead consumers to a more sustainable future by taking a more innovative and socially aware approach to the development of products to meet key needs. Take ground-breaking companies like luxury eco-friendly electric carcompany Tesla, for example, successfully creating enormous demand for electric vehicles through innovative technologies, sleek design and smart marketing. Companies and brands like Tesla aren’t sitting back and waiting for consumers to advocate for a particular product. Instead they are creating the demand by seizing upon a key challenge in the marketplace, and innovating to create a solution that is a first to market, thereby leading from the front and creating new trends. The trick definitely seems to be the change, rather than following in the footsteps of others who are already leading the charge.