Why entrepreneurs need to take a fresh perspective on listening to connect with their customers

Having the ability to understand and tap into consumer consciousness has quickly become one of the driving forces behind successful businesses and brands - and these brands know that the key to successfully connecting with their consumers is by ensuring they are aware of their brand purpose and mission. One of the most effective ways to do that is to listen, communicate, and build trust. As consumers grow more aware of what goes into their purchases, and as they learn about the ethos of the businesses and brands they are supporting, brands that embrace purpose-centric consumer demand will prevail. Today’s consumers are craving authentic and transparent messaging from the brands they support - they want to know about the sustainable footprint of the products they are buying; about the ethical production processes; and the positive social impact they are having on the communities and people that are part of their creation. This is conscious consumerism in action, driven increasingly by Millennials, Generation Z, Aspirationals and others, and as a result, brands must listen and respond in order to maintain and enhance their credibility with these powerful new consumers in the marketplace.