5 Key Tips to Getting the Balance Right as an Entrepreneur

You know that feeling when as an entrepreneur building a business you are still sat at your desk at midnight, when your 9-5 corporate friends all seem to be out relaxing at the weekends when you are working on a new product or business idea, or your family is complaining about never seeing you these days. If all that rings a bell, then it could be time to reassess how you are managing your work-life. Here are 5 key tips to try and achieve a better balance in your entrepreneurial life:

  1. Work smarter, not harder - the trick is to become more efficient with the precious time you do have by streamlining or automating tasks that need to be done, and delegating the less important tasks where possible.
  2. Focus - remember the 80/20 principle, and focus your efforts on the 20% of those tasks and activities that will deliver 80% of the benefit, not the other way round.
  3. Maximise the hours in your working day - if you are a natural ‘morning’ person, then ensure your early working hours are dedicated to the most important or creative tasks requiring your attention.
  4. Establish your work time boundaries - acknowledge that there will always be more work to do and therefore set yourself the challenge of completing the most important tasks within more efficient timeframes, thereby freeing up more time for yourself to better and more positively impact on the business.
  5. Set your own pace - there is always pressure to build a business as fast as possible, but the secret to success is to go at a pace which makes sense to you and your venture, otherwise it may not be sustainable in the long run.