A new generation of empathetic entrepreneurs is emerging with the Z Generation

2016 is seeing a new and interesting generation of entrepreneurs beginning to emerge. For the first time, it will be Generation Z, the generation born immediately after the Millennials, that begins to take centre stage. This is a population that is rapidly growing, and the first to see the potential of this powerful demographic are the marketers who are recognising not just their future buying power, but also their influential share their voice on everything from technology to apparel. With 100%  of this generation connected online, predominantly via mobile, the ability of this group to influence public opinion is enormous. Additionally, as Generation Z already known as the “Limitless Generation” continues to use its voice, its beginning to display a more empathetic, as opposed to self serving tone. As this generation looks to take control of its socio and economic future, leveraging entrepreneurship as a game-changer, empathy looks to become one of the world’s greatest future business differentiators.