Why finding customers who are a fit for your business is key

We’ve all been there - in the early startup days of a business when you are so keen to get customers onto your books that you will jump through hoops to firstly get them to notice you in the marketplace and then secondly to sign them up and get them on board. We want those customers to love us and our products, and stay with us for the long term to give us some stability. But the reality is that finding those customers who are a real fit for your business and where there can be a positive ‘win win’ relationship that goes beyond the initial order, is harder than it looks. Not everyone is going to love you and your business first time around, and that’s ok - not every potential client is meant to be. You wont be the right fit for everyone and not every client is the right fit for you either. The trick is to keep focusing on what you do best and what makes your business unique, and keep working to find those customers who just get it!