Africa’s women retail entrepreneurs are doing things differently

One of the most interesting trends to be seen in Africa right now is the rise of women retail entrepreneurs who are doing things differently, particularly millennials who are not hampered by traditional notions of what retail looks like. They are getting to market quickly by creating edgy PopUp stores which appear in trendy high traffic areas or aligned to events such as music festivals or weekend events. They are launching great new eCommerce platforms and building their own online shops. They are no longer relying on bricks and mortar retail spaces that are expensive commitments. So, what’s driving the trend? It allows these startup women entrepreneurs to target a niche audience; it’s great for testing new products, concepts, and markets without huge overheads; it offers a great wa of gaining valuable consumer insights with relatively little investment; it generates buzz and creates a memorable visual spectacle; it taps into “massclusivity” and piques consumer curiosity with elements of surprise, trendiness, and a certain sense of urgency to ‘buy now while it lasts’; and importantly, it provides an economic alternative to full-scale retail set-up. What’s not to love about this model!