It’s the 2nd half of the Decade of the African Woman Entrepreneur - let’s make it count!

As we enter the second half of what has been officially designated as The Decade of the African Woman Entrepreneur, we need to make it count! The good thing is that a number of trends are emerging that are tipped to drive women’s entrepreneurship in 2016 on the African continent. A key trend is the rise and rise of women’s entrepreneurship in Africa. Today, Africa is THE continent of female entrepreneurs, and in fact, Africa leads the world in female entrepreneurship. 50% of all enterprises in Africa are women owned, according to the World Bank, and 25% of Africa’s women have set up their own businesses from scratch - that’s the highest rate on the planet! Uganda, for example, has the highest per capita rate of women’s entrepreneurship anywhere in the world. And, this trend is set to rise on the back of a new-found confidence amongst women on the Continent. It’s clear that women’s entrepreneurship in Africa has reached a tipping point and can certainly no longer be seen as a passing fad, raising the odd eyebrow and resulting in the occasional eye-catching global newspaper headline. It’s a fundamental economic force that will reshape the economies of not just Africa, but indeed the world.