The art of storytelling and why women are outperforming men in crowdfunding

Here’s an interesting development for women entrepreneurs in the funding space. The global crowdfunding industry raised over 30 billion dollars in 2015, and is tipped to potentially overtake VC funding in 2016 - an interesting shift. Several studies have shown that men get far more venture capital funding than women, in fact, it’s around 12 to 1, but there is better news for women entrepreneurs when it comes to crowdfunding. Women outperform men on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. In fact, 65% of all women-led tech startups reached their funding goal on Kickstarter versus just 30 percent of men-led tech startups. And, 37% of all women-led ventures were funded compared to 32 percent of male-led ventures. So, why exactly are women so successful at crowdfunding? The answer is simple: women use words better - they tell compelling stories! The bottom line is that language has a massive impact on how successful a crowdfunding bid is, and women just use it more powerfully. The way women write their pitches simply makes them better crowdfunders. Women understand the power of their backstory, and are telling those stories in a compelling way that resonates with potential investors. Crowdfunding is democratising access to entrepreneurship and capital, and ensuring that women are on a completely level playing field with men for the first time.