High net worth women entrepreneurs are more ambitious and successful than their male counterparts

We love starting the week out with a great new global survey on entrepreneurship and some eyebrow raising findings - and this week, that comes in the form of the 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report. The Scorpio Partnership consultancy surveyed about 2,600 high and “ultra-high” net worth entrepreneurs from 18 countries, and it appears from the findings that successful women entrepreneurs are not only matching their male counterparts in several ways, but they’re actually outperforming them. The researchers found that almost 90% of women entrepreneurs expected their companies’ gross profits to increase or remain stable in the next year. More specifically, 61% expected profits to rise, compared to an average of 58% among all entrepreneurs. Commenting on the findings, Sofia Merlo, co-CEO of BNP Paribas Wealth Management, said of the women entrepreneurs surveyed: “They are more ambitious and have been more successful than their male counterparts.” To illustrate that “more successful” comment, she points to the report’s revenue data. Companies helmed by women entrepreneurs had 13% higher revenues than those run by men, and finished 9% above the average for all entrepreneurs surveyed. Let’s hope this is a trend that continues for years to come!